The Very Beginning

A very good place to start. Because you have to start somewhere.

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Raising a Moral Child


Excellent article.

So much great stuff in here. Mostly about parenting, but applicable for life in general. Model the way.

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374 Plays


Research and Development intern Kat Arcement sends along this charming piece:

Want to learn how to answer the telephone, or how to answer the door, or how to be nice? In Chicago, a full two years before Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was released, you could if between the ages of 4-14 attend a class in manners. As Paula Person states, “I was rather tired with people saying children are horrible.”

 So are we, Paula Person. So are we.

(BTW, these kids are ADORABLE.)

I took this exact class in the early 80s with Paula Person! Still remember (and use) what I learned.

(via npr)